Hand Painted Dollhouse Miniature Furniture
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About the Artist

My name is Margie Paruszkiewicz, a.k.a. Margie Parus. I was born and raised on the southeast side of Chicago and have been painting for over 30 years. I've worked with oils and acrylics on canvas and wood however, I have always loved my miniatures and dollhouses through the trends and fads so, I have always maintained my love for painting detailed miniature furniture and accessories.

I started to love miniatures from the first time my mom gave me a metal dollhouse with plastic people for Christmas in the 1950's. My mother Margaret attended the Art Institute of Chicago for a short time and I guess I picked up whatever talent I have from her and my dad who drew a mean Dick Tracy face! When I was in school my friends and teachers would compliment me on my drawings and art work but, I never thought much about it.

My passion leans to the Victorian style, but, I love to paint just about anything. I hope you like my work and my web page and will come and visit me often to see what's new. This is truly a dream of mine coming true.

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